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Monday, January 2, 2012

My holiday consists of..

Hello everyone. 
Practically, holiday is about to end soon, which means today. Yes. Today is the last day of  holiday. I freaked out, a bit.
Well, what I know about school is.. its gonna be different. 
I'm going to a new class which is I myself don't know whether its good or bad.
I'm going to start reading books again, ever since lots of them are abandoned. 

My holiday was fine though, went for a vacation, went back to hometown & more stuff. 
I just hate writing them all, as usual. So here are some of the pictures. 

So, These were at Thailand. 
I looked disgusting..

And by the way, I don't really have some of the pictures in my camera so I just took these using instagram. 

Oh yeah, I just bought shirts for Tommy!! So cute :-) 
She is so grown up.

There some more pictures that couldn't be uploaded I don't know whyyyy.
 So, maybe I'll just go check what is wrong with the sd card as soon as possible.

Anyway, thanks for watching & reading.
May you have a good day ahead & good luck with school!

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